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Winter Park Family Physicians in the Media

Dr. Amawi was recently interviewed by the Innovative Healthcare Magazine and the interview was published in one of the issues. In this article, Dr. Amawi explains the dangers and the risk of falling and explains the state-of-the-art technology of Videonystagmography or VNG, that Winter Park Family Physicians has acquired to diagnose and treat their patients for dizziness and other balance-related problems.

“Indeed, Dr. Amawi is the only one in his area — and very likely one of the few anywhere — who treats patients wherever they are ... Thanks to new state-of-the-art equipment and procedures that have become available, problems can be detected quickly and easily and with no discomfort whatsoever for the patient. It’s like getting on a scale to be weighed. It is really a remarkable medical advance to identify cases where the problem exists. It is being used by doctors who want to help their patients regain their balance for life and avoid serious consequences that can be caused by falling.”
For an insightful explanation of the risks and diagnosis of dizziness and falling, read the whole article here. Interview with Dr.Amawi

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